3 Medical ID Information Accessories

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition like diabetes, Alzheimer’s or epilepsy, it is highly recommended that a medical ID accessory be worn at all times. This identification, in a case of emergency when the person in question is not conscious or unable to answer medical history questions, serves aa a guide to medical professionals, caretakers and responders. The most popular form of ID is the medical information bracelet. Available in an array of styles and colors, there are plenty to browse.

Sometimes, getting a person to wear their bracelet is a challenge. If you incur this situation, here are three more medical information accessories you may consider trying out.


Medical ID keyrings consist of pertinent information. The information is engraved on one side while the medical alert sign is found on the other. A keyring is a possible alternative to a bracelet, or can serve as a complement. For individuals who still drive or carry their own set of keys for their home, simply hang their keys on their new keyring. It is a practical accessory that never requires removal from its place. For those who are fussy about being judged for having a medical condition, it will not be outrightly noticeable by anyone not specifically searching for the medical alert insignia.


Medical ID charms act in the same manner as the keyrings except charms can be hung from a medical supply bag, purse or wallet, too. One side of the charm will consist of the person’s medical information while the other will have the medical alert sign. Information is engraved to ensure it does not fade away over time. Charms can be ordered in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes like silver octagons, pink hearts and multi-flower pieces.


Medical ID tags are great for humans and pets. For humans, they are similar to the tags that are worn by American military members. Once pertinent medical information is engraved, simply hang on a chain and wear comfortably over or under clothes. For pets, simply attach to their collar. Tags can be found in more creative styles and colors, too, so that the wearer can feel less conspicuous.

Individuals with certain medical conditions, for their safety, should keep their information handy by wearing a bracelet. Accessories like keyrings, charms and tags are other options.