9 Hair Transplant Myths Debunked

If your hair isn’t as thick as it used to be, you’ve probably been spending some time online, looking for solutions.

Hair transplantation has become a popular hair restoration option for both men and women but if you’ve been doing some reading about this procedure, you’ve more than likely come across a few myths.

9 Common hair transplantation myths

These are a few of the most common hair transplant myths that you simply have to stop believing.

Myth 1: Hair transplantation should be done while you’re still young.

In this case, prevention is not better than the cure. There are some who believe that it’s best to pursue hair transplantation before your hairline starts receding but this isn’t necessarily true. Hair loss patterns are difficult to predict in younger men so surgeons won’t be able to provide you with a truly effective solution.

Myth 2: You’ll see instant results.

Your hair will not simply start growing after your procedure. Patients can expect to wait up to 12 months before they’ll see the results they’re hoping for so don’t panic if you don’t see results within a few months. Your hair will grow gradually so you’ll need to be patient.

Myth 3: Hair transplants are obvious

Hair transplants have a bad rap because older technology wasn’t advanced enough to provide patients with natural-looking results. Hair transplant technology has come a long way since then though and once your new hair starts growing, it will follow your natural hair pattern.

Myth 4: More grafts = less blood supply.

Patients with severe hair loss will often require more grafts than others but some claim that a larger number of grafts won’t get enough blood, which will stunt your hair growth. This isn’t true. Your scalp has more than enough blood for every hair strand.

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Myth 5: Hair transplant patients are always men.

While hair transplantation is mostly performed on men, this procedure can be used by women suffering from hair loss due to genetics too.

Myth 6: Your hair does fall out again so it’s not worth it.

In order to grow new hair, old hair needs to fall out so there’s no need to panic if you notice some hair loss after your surgery. Your hair will eventually start growing normally again over time.

Myth 7: You can use hair from another donor.

Patients who are completely bald have been told that they can use hair from another donor but this is unfortunately not true as your body will reject it. You’re better off buying an all-natural wig.

Myth 8: More grafts are always better.

 Since hair transplantation is a delicate procedure, a greater amount of grafts can be beneficial. However, too many grafts can also lead to complications, affecting the growth of the transplanted hair.

Myth 10: You can’t wash your hair after your surgery.

Even though it sounds logical to not touch your scalp after it has been operated on, it’s really important to keep your scalp and your hair clean for the best possible results. Your surgeon will be able to tell you which shampoos are safe to use.