Buy Synthetic Urine And Understand The Differences Between Urine And Blood Drug Tests

The main idea of drug testing is the detect the presence of illegal drugs in your body. In most cases, employers use it to test if the employees are taking prescription medications and illegals drugs without informing anyone.

Taking drugs in the workplace is problematic because it can decrease the performance and ability to do your job effectively and safely. In general examinations, the most common analysis is through urine, saliva, hair, blood, and sweat, so that employees could determine the presence of illegal drugs and their metabolites.

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Since the use of prescription and illegal drugs increased in the last few decades, most institutions and companies have to react by implementing a mandatory drug test in pre-employment and during the employment processes.

This particular thing will provide them with the possibility to track and detect the presence of drugs that could cause a reduction in performance and safety issues in some industries. The most common choices for drug tests are blood and urine drug tests, which are essential to us.

Are Blood Drug Tests Accurate and Effective?

Blood testing for drugs is the conventional process that started years back. Before the modern urine tests became popular, the only way law enforcement could determine if someone used something is through a blood test.

However, nowadays, due to technology advancement, the urine tests are accurate and one of the most popular methods for testing the presence of drugs, both prescription and illegal. The main downside of a urine drug test is because it won’t provide you with reliable information as well as the history of drug abuse.

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Blood tests require the use of lab technicians, and it is possible to track the individual’s drug history. By analyzing the sample, technicians can determine the certain degree of accuracy whether the person was under the influence in the moment of testing, and during the significant period.

However, some experts are skeptical about the ability of blood tests to provide accurate results especially when it comes to the history of drug abuse, because most drugs leave the blood system in 72 hours, and leave metabolites in hair follicles and urine.

When Are Blood Tests Required?

Blood testings were the standard method of drug testing, but after a technology created more accurate and less invasive tests, urine test became the first drug test of choice for most companies across the USA. The primary reason for it is the affordable price tag when compared with other drug tests and utterly noninvasive procedure.

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Nowadays, most people that want to enter some company or to start to work with them have to pass drug tests as the part of the job application process. On the other hand, some insurance companies require urine tests when you want to get life insurance policies. The third reason for conducting this type of drug tests is due to court order.

Blood tests are more expensive, require labor, and they are time-consuming, which is why they are mostly used when there is significant money on the line or as a confirmation of urine test. At the same time, courts tend to favor blood tests because it is more reliable and accurate than a urine test and it will show the exact amount of drugs and other substances in your system.

Differences Between Blood and Urine Tests

Even though the urine tests are more common nowadays, blood tests are still the used and second choice for urine test confirmation. The main reasons for that are:

The fact that blood tests cannot cheat, which is the standard choice with urine drug tests by using synthetic urine or by diluting it.

It has the potential to discover the history of drug use, which is not the case for a urine drug test and any other too.

Because the procedure and collection process requires the presence of health technicians and professionals that know how to draw a blood sample, it is difficult to cheat on this particular test.