Get Better Vision

When you are looking for a laser center, you want a place that has performed millions of procedures and one that employs reputable surgeons. They must have a history of performing surgeries that eliminate or reduce the usage of eyeglasses and contacts. They should be a leader in the industry and utilize the most current technology and equipment within their facility. They must have expertise in performing other procedures as well, including cataract treatment, retina care and blepharoplasties. They should have knowledge of glaucoma and keratoconus too.

If you are tired of wearing glasses and do not want Lasik, they should offer you assorted options. They should offer you an alternative to Lasik that is not invasive and can restore your vision. They should offer you a procedure that can replace your glasses and contacts. They need to know how to apply an implantable lens that will improve your eyesight.

An implantable lens has become a choice for people that have specific eye conditions, including dry eyes, severe myopia or thin corneas. This procedure is recommended for people that are nearsighted without astigmatism, have not had an eyeglass prescription change within the year and are not pregnant. The lenses can be removed or replaced upon request and is not a permanent implant.

During the procedure, an implantable lens is inserted into your eye and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. You will recover quickly, and sutures are not required. You must be between the ages of 21 and 45 to qualify for this procedure and not be pregnant. The facility that you choose must have a patient resources department that will assist you with scheduling your appointment, patient resources, patient surveys and financing.

Your eye care facility needs to provide you with a consultation before you have the surgery and evaluate your eyesight. You must be able to pay your bills online, and they should have a patient portal that allows you to view your records. They should offer flexible financing plans to help you pay for your eye surgery. Your facility needs to provide you with vision screenings and help you maintain your eyesight. They need to assist patients dealing with eye diseases that include macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears, detachments and eye infections.

The facility should always update their medical equipment and provide you with ophthalmologists that are leaders in the industry. They need to have an ORA system for cataract surgery that allows the surgery to go smoothly. They must have an affiliate program for doctors that promote partnerships and continued education. They need to help you find an optometrist that is a part of their network and that will provide you with exemplary service.

Your facility needs to provide you with exceptional customer service and have a staff that is helpful and considerate. They should have a website that provides you with the most up-to-date information about their treatments and procedures. They need to also ensure that your vision stays healthy throughout your entire lifetime.