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Choosing the Right Electrician for the Construction of Your Building

In the construction of a building, you always need to involve an electrician in every step of the construction project. It is a requirement that you have an electrical engineer to assist in the planning of the construction of a building. So what type of electrician do you need in a residential and a commercial construction project? What are the key differentiating factors between a commercial and residential electrician.

Distinguishing between commercial and residential electrical works

When planning to build a house, you should first identify whether you want to use it for commercial or residential purposes. The main difference between residential and commercial electrical works is the power needed. When constructing a commercial project, you should make sure that the wiring is string because more power is required as opposed to a residential building.

The type of wiring in the commercial and residential building is completely different. In residential buildings, the wiring mainly has thin wires that are not openly installed. However, the commercial buildings have to wire in very open places that will allow easy access.

The phases are also an issue that makes the electrical works of the two buildings different. Commercial buildings have a lot of people and industries and they, therefore, need a lot of power. Subsequently, these buildings have more than one phase to provide them with power.

It is recommendable to have electrical works behind walls in a residential building. The installations in residential homes are done before drywall to prevent these wirings from being visible.

What You Need To Have In Mind When Looking For Either A Commercial or Residential Electrician

There is a very clear difference between the work of a commercial and residential electrician. Therefore, ensure that you pick an electrician that has specialized in the type of electrical works that you need. For example, if you have residential home construction, hire a residential electrician.

Select an electrician that has worked on projects that are similar to yours. Always look to hire an individual that is experienced and well trained so as to guarantee great work. If you hire someone that is not reliable, they may delay your construction which will be very costly. It should be your primary goal to find a competent electrician because electricity is very sensitive and hiring an incompetent person can be very risky in the long run or expensive in both the short and long term.

The article expounds on the main differences between commercial and residential electricians. It also provides details about how to pick a good electrician for either your commercial or residential construction project.

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