Tailored Care to Guide You Toward Sobriety

People who are addicted to drugs often admit that they start using for a variety of reasons.  Everything from childhood abuse to stress at work compels many people to abandon their sobriety and start abusing drugs like heroin, cocaine, and opioid prescription medications.

Even so, the reasons for why you started using may differ from the reasons of other drug addicts around you.  Because of the unique nature of your addiction, it makes sense that you would need an individualized treatment plan to address the underlying causes for your drug dependency.  When you check into a treatment hospital, detox center, or Spectrum drug rehab Miami patients like you can receive individualized and holistic care that encompasses some of the best tried and true recovery methods.


Following the 12-step Method

Many of the country’s best recovery programs follow the much revered 12-step process.  These steps that many associate with programs like Alcoholics Anonymous often are adapted and applied to different types of addictions including drug dependencies.

The steps guide addicts to surrendering their addictions to a higher power and to hold themselves accountable for their actions.  They may be given sponsors who serve as sources of help and inspiration for when addicts struggle with the desire to use again.  Many addicts have found great success in regaining sobriety and staying sober using this method.


Holistic Treatment

However, it is just one of several different components that might go into the tailored treatment plan the center will put together for you.  Your addiction is more than just a series of psychological factors and physiological symptoms.  It hides the real you and prevents you from living a life that you believe is worthy and happy.

Because you are an individual rather than just a sum of symptoms, you may regain sobriety better if you are treated holistically.  Holistic treatment involves treating the whole you, that is, every aspect of your being.  You are treated in mind, body, and spirit for your addiction so you come out of the program a better version of yourself.  You are not just treated symptomatically for your addiction but rather given resources that will heal you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When you check yourself into a recovery center, drug rehab in Miami, or treatment hospital, you will be given a team of medical professionals who will commit their knowledge and resources into guiding you toward sobriety.  Your medical doctors will evaluate your physical symptoms and determine if you suffer from illnesses that may need antibiotics or other medications to treat.  For example, if you have hepatitis or a lung infection, you may be given medicines to address the symptoms of the illness and to stop its spread if possible.

Along with being treated medically, you will also be given emotional and mental treatment.  This level of care is designed to address psychological factors behind your addiction.  For example, if you use drugs in part to forget the abuse you endured as a child, you will be given treatment to help you face that trauma and come to terms with it in a healthy and productive way.  By healing emotionally and mentally, you may feel less compelled to use drugs and find it easier to resist the temptation to continue with your addiction.

Another component of your treatment is spiritual help.  You will be assigned a spiritual or religious therapist who will pray, meditate, or otherwise guide you in healing your inner spirit from the ravages of your addiction.  Even if you are not a religious person, you can still benefit by meditating and learning to channel your inner peace.  You may come out of your spiritual sessions feeling renewed, calmer, and more in control of yourself, factors that are vital in resisting the temptation to use drugs again.

The length of your stay in rehabilitation will depend on how well you respond to treatment as well as what kind of insurance you carry.  Many insurers will pay for 30 to 90 days of inpatient rehabilitation for the most severe forms of addiction.

Before you check yourself in, you can speak with someone from the facility about insurance coverage and other payment options.  Having the financial aspects of your treatment addressed can put your mind at ease and help you focus on healing entirely from your drug addiction.

The treatment plan that you follow in rehabilitation may differ from the plan used by others.  However, you can expect to learn about tried and true methods like the 12-step program for drug addiction.