The Epilogue of Our Life’s Story Should Serve as a Celebration

Life usually seems to be full of potential. Even as far as middle age it can still feel as if we can do or be anything. But it’s always worth taking a moment to look back at the circumstances which brought us to this point. Because if life is worth celebrating than so are the people who gave us that wonderful gift. In short, it’s always a good idea to consider how life is working out for our parents.

This can be a difficult thing to do at a certain point. In large part simply because our culture isn’t well practiced with discussions about end of life issues. We might not want to accept that fact. But again, it comes down to a proper appreciation of life itself. There’s no life without death. And there’s no enjoyment of youth without facing up to the inevitability of old age. We seldom like to think about our parents having to suffer through something like that.

But much of this simply comes down to how we frame the issue of aging. We tend to assume that it’ll come alongside Alzheimer’s disease or other severe conditions involving cognitive decline. The worst-case scenarios are often our biggest fears. And another truth about our culture is that our fears tend to get featured in stories far more than the more probable realities. In general, the aging process isn’t going to bring about any major catastrophe. There will be some inevitable changes that come along with age.

For example, some loss of muscle and hand eye coordination is inevitable. But at the same time many people learn to adapt to those losses. Even in the height of youth we see tremendous variation in physical capabilities. A larger man who works out every day will have vastly different capabilities than a short sedentary woman. Likewise, she’ll probably have a much greater amount of flexibility than he possesses. But both learn to use their bodies and inherent capabilities in different ways. This is often what aging comes down to. It’s simply a learning process where people have to master a new way of doing things. However, we could consider an example to show how someone could adapt to more severe problems. We might have a man who’s looking into elderly home care services barrington il for his parents.

He knows that his parents are still quite capable. But they’re showing just enough trouble working with various things that he thinks they could use a little extra help. And that really is all it takes sometimes. In this particular situation we have elders who just need a little extra physical and medical help. They’re mostly able to handle things on their own. But with that care they’re essentially getting a helping hand.

Meanwhile their son no longer has to worry about his parents. He can take that moment to think about them which we touched upon earlier. But instead of worry or panic he’ll be able to know they’re safe and happy. Likewise, they’ll be able to reflect on their life as a glowing epilogue to some amazing stories.