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The Best Relief for the Terminally Ill

As far as we can remember, there has never been a time when marijuana was fully accepted as the drug to help those who are suffering from critical or terminal illness. The drug was banned in many parts of the world for recreational and medical purposes. Banning marijuana from medical use has nothing to do with medical reasons, and everything to do with politics. It has been seen that any group in support of the ban has a political angle And a pharmaceutical group’s backing.

It has been proven that marijuana plays a major role in the management of cancer patients. It assists them to overcome nausea experienced during chemotherapy, as well as from the disease itself as it progresses. It has also assisted patients suffering from HIV and Aids to get bigger appetites for food, as well as maintaining a larger portion consumption. Those who have frequent attacks of pain, muscle spasms, depression, brain cancer, or anxiety can also benefit from marijuana use.

When you consider the many benefits of the drugs, it becomes necessary to find out why the drug remains so unpopular in other quarters. It can be seen that many political and special interest groups do not wish to see the continued acceptance of the drug, for their selfish reasons. What these groups do talk negatively about marijuana while they try and market their pharmaceutical creations. What they have successfully advertised is a negative image of addiction and abuse of the drug. When people see this; it becomes difficult for them to imagine anything positive about marijuana. Politicians usually receive a cut of the profits when people are forced to see marijuana in a negative light, leaving them no choice but to use the pharmaceutical approach to dealing with these conditions. The pharmaceutical companies will in exchange fund their political campaigns, or show their appreciation in a more direct manner. This ensures that no law will ever pass that allows for the medical use of marijuana.

It is also important to examine the alternatives to marijuana and pharmaceutical products. They make the worst option, as they are the drugs that those politicians should have focused all their energies and resources on, since they are highly addictive and incredibly destructive. There have been medical versions of cocaine, heroin, oxytocin, and such. They proven terrible at their job. It would be terrible to consider ever using them. These drugs make marijuana even more reasonable. When compared to them, marijuana is cheaper and better. It is a natural plant that does not require expensive manufacturing processes.

Politicians and their pharmaceutical supporters are blocking the official application of marijuana for medical purposes. It would be a brilliant idea to allow for the setting up or more marijuana dispensaries in the world. Patients would greatly benefit from this cheaper and safer alternative to what pharmaceutical companies are currently offering. This drug problem is actually a solution.

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