Thinking about how you should choose Motorcycle Helmets Half-Face, open-face or full face?

Disadvantages of not wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

People have various reasons for wearing a motorcycle helmet, but one same reason is for safety and protection. But, how come there are still some motorcycle riders who do not wear a motorcycle helmet? Are they not worried about meeting an accident? Are they not aware that it is for their own good? Or maybe they just do not want to wear it even if they have their own motorcycle helmet. Maybe they are thinking that they are tough and are not afraid if the authority will catch them for not putting on their motorcycle helmet.

When you are not wearing your motorcycle helmet, you are taking the risk of getting hit. If you are driving, anything may hit you, such as small rocks, insects, sand and of course, dust. When these things hit your face, especially your eyes, then that may cause you an accident. If you fall on the ground, what do you have to protect your head? Without a motorcycle helmet, you will get the noise or sound coming from the wind and that is really distracting. So, can you see how safe it is when you are wearing your motorcycle helmet?

Why you should choose motorcycle helmets half-face, open-face or full face?

A motorcycle helmet has various types, such as the half-face, the open-face and the full face. These types of helmets must have the high quality components to protect you, such as the outer shell, crushable lining, padded comfort lining and the chin strap.

The outer shell is in charge of protecting your head from scratches and wounds. It is made of a lightweight material and fiberglass composites. The crushable lining is a thick foam lining that is found under the shell. It is made of an EPS or the expanded polystyrene. The padded comfort lining or the padded interior lining is the one that is holding your head. The strong chin strap are usually cinched down and with a pair of D-rings.

All of the types of motorcycle helmets have these components. So, why you should choose motorcycle helmets half-face, open-face or full face? Sometimes, it is not that easy to decide on the type of motorcycle helmet to buy because you have various needs. But, to make it simple, you have to think about your protection and the comfort experience from using the type of motorcycle helmet that you are choosing. You may use these motorcycle helmets every day or during a long trip. But, let us take a look at these types of motorcycle helmets so that you can start choosing one.

Let us take a look at the half-face motorcycle helmets, which has a skull cap status. Most of the scooters and the cruisers are using this type of motorcycle helmet. It is designed to have an extremely light in weight and you will have a superior visibility. But, there is a problem that you must be aware of because you are less protected. It just covers the top of the head and you do not have protection from weather and wind.

How about the open-face or the 3/4th type of motorcycle helmet? With this type, the protection is good, except for the eyes. So, you may buy your eye gear to protect your eyes. But, there are also models with a flip down sun shield. The good thing with this type is that you will have better visibility and easier communication.

Lastly, we have the full-face type of motorcycle helmet. This is the type of motorcycle helmet with the best protection, but it is slightly heavy. It protects your head, your face and your jaw. You will experience a quiet ride and a clear visor. Of course, it offers weather protection and minimum wind resistance. You may check out the Arai’s Corsair V motorcycle helmet.

Now, do you have an idea on how you should choose motorcycle helmets half-face, open-face or full-face? The decision is yours. You know what you need. It will depend on your daily activities and how long you usually stay on the road. Always remember that a motorcycle helmet is very important and a necessity for individuals who use motorcycles on the road.

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