What are the benefits of drinking alcohol?

Alcohol has been associated with a lot of negative results, but that is only the case when you get wasted with it. Moderate alcohol consumption, according to research, has some health benefits. For women, the recommended alcohol consumption is a drink per day while for men, two. To not lose your inhibitions and waste your health, you should not exceed these recommendations. Here are the health benefits of alcohol:

Lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Research shows that moderate amounts of alcohol increase the good cholesterol in the blood, higher insulin sensitivity and better chances of blood clotting. This helps to stop changes that can damage the heart and cause stroke. Another study also found that drinking alcohol occasionally can help lengthen your life. It could reduce the risk of death by 18 % as reported by the study. When you want to order for drinks, you should read drinks delivery companies’ reviews to know about what people are saying about the company and their drinks. For instance, reading reviews about Beer52 will help you know about Beer52 complaints and compliments. This will guide you towards knowing if you should patronize the company or not.

Improves the libido and prevent the common cold

Research has shown that moderate amounts of alcohol can improve the libido and guard against erectile dysfunction. However, men are advised not to binge on alcohol because of it as further study is needed to establish the connection between alcohol and impotence if there is one. Additionally, moderate alcohol leads to a decrease in common colds. For instance, a group of Spanish researchers claimed to find that eight to fourteen glasses of wine caused a 60 % reduction in common colds.

Lowers dementia and diabetes and reduce gallstones

Moderate drinkers of alcohol are less likely to have any cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer. In a science magazine, it was said that alcohol helps to toughen the brain cells so that they can cope with major stress. It also decreased the risk of having type 2 diabetes compared to those who don’t drink at all. Also, those who drank some amount of alcohol daily were found to have a significant reduction in the risk of having gallstones.

Even though alcohol has great health benefits, try not to get hung on it. Here are tips for taking alcohol:

Drink moderately and have someone watching over you

Excessive drinking of alcohol does not end well. Stay within the recommended limits. Alcohol is not sweet nor filling, so it should not be a substitute for food. Also, ensure there is someone who can watch over you with you when you are drinking. Your body can react in unexpected ways to alcohol.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach and don’t accept drinks from strangers

It is not safe to drink alcohol on empty stomach. It will cause you to feel uncomfortable and cause bigger problems for you in future. Always eat food before drinking alcohol. Also, don’t eat too much before you drink either; you can end up throwing up. If you are outside your home, don’t accept drinks from a stranger. You don’t know what the person has put in the drink before they gave you. The world has scary people in it and you should take care not to fall victims to their unscrupulous activities.