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The Duties of a Private Investigator. A private investigator is a person that specializes in conducting private investigation on an individual, corporations or agencies. Private investigators are mostly hired by lawyers to gather pieces of evidence that are useful for their clients. The insurance companies also hire private investigators to help in establishing the legitimacy of the compensation claims made by the clients. Couples on the verge of divorce usually hire the private investigators to gather evidence against their party that will be used in a court of law so that he/she can be granted divorce. Some of the information that is usually gathered include infidelity and sometimes conduct to be used to deny him/her child custody. Several private investigation companies exist that deals with different cases. There are several other situations that private investigators can be hired apart from the ones mentioned above such as finding of a missing person, location of criminals, process servers, and conduction of background checks. The private investigators normally work in irregular hours because of the nature of their job. The job is sometimes done at night especially when conducting surveillance on an individual. The private investigators are sometimes forced interview private citizens who are in possession of information that can be useful to the matter under investigation. The individuals can only accept to be interviewed at their convenient time thereby forcing the private investigators to operate in irregular hours. Private investigators are required to be protected if they are investigation on an individual who known to be dangerous. Therefore, the investigation company must arrange to obtain a fireman license for their investigators. The private investigators should also undergo training to acquire skills and knowledge that are required for self-defense. The firearm can only be used in cases of danger since they lack the authority to enforce law and apprehend criminals if they were conducting background checks on a suspected criminal.
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Most private investigators are usually ex-military officers. Some of the governments also require that all the private investigators should be registered by the relevant authorities. Military and police officers are better placed to serve as private investigators because of the training that they have gone through in the barracks. The education sector also offers courses that are of importance to the field of private investigation such as criminology and forensic science. It, therefore, gives an alternative way of acquiring investigation skills and knowledge apart from the military training.
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The courses, therefore, make private investigation a profession. The military officers must also meet other set requirements to be allowed to work as private investigators. The requirement varies depending on the area of specialization of the investigation company.