Which counselling service is better “Talkspace and BetterHelp?

Today, we are living in the innovative world, where digital devices are on the peak. Through counselling service many professional meet their daily life challenges through face-to-face digital devices for instance, communications, and video calling. However, online therapy has a vast impact on everyone life, that is the selfish reason the conversation between Talkspace and BetterHelp have become top popularity because these are the two online therapy services in the technical’s world. Here’s who e-counseling.com says is both BetterHelp and Talkspace service are better.

Meanwhile, experts say both have same features like fast, intuitive and best platform service but the thing is finding the best service is become difficult. So here we are discussing the Talkspace and BetterHelp, so we came to know which is beneficial.

Here are some important features

1. Reputation through Online service: in this regard, the Talkspace have entirely domain reputation because the companies have 4-star rating instead of BetterHelp. Also, 3-start in Reviewopedia and 2-star in Glassdoor rating of Talkspace, There is 10,000 online testimonial service regarding BetterHelp. On the other hand, there are 650,000 Facebook likes BetterHelp. We can say the Talkspace have a more online reputation in today’s world.

2. Provide miscellaneous service: In the pertain service, everything is connected virtually, in which privacy, therapists, confidentially and usability expertise areas are included. However, both counseling services have a top line security system, which measures the HIPAA, SSL encryptions are included. Furthermore, only a licensed therapist can employee this service when it comes to cover the stress, anxiety, grief, depression and abuse situation through miscellaneous.

3. Better communication service: In this regard, only BetterHelp have a counseling option like E-mail, Smartphone, messaging and video calling service. On the other hand, the Talkspace have not much choice because it is an audio therapy service. With the help of Smartphone, you can download the app for video counseling service.

4. Coverage of a brand: with the help of online therapy you can do the fantastic job by writing their domain name. However, there is no pushover in BetterHelp instead of Talkspace. In the WSJ, BBC, and Fox many things are mention, and the only Talkspace has accomplished the best coverage task with the online and offline facility.


Meanwhile, the online therapy is quite usable regarding communication peoples. Many therapists cover the situation of virtual counseling, in search of here’s who e-counseling.com says is better both Talkspace and BetterHelp are beneficial for us.