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Must-know Ideas about Personalised Pens

Pens can be used under different circumstances; perhaps you have seen them in the hands of an executive or in an office desk or at a home office. The pen that a certain person is using exudes a certain style or aura that one wants to project. If you want to make it even more perfect then it would be best to use a small case that is just enough to fit in a small handbag used by women or in the pocket of a business suit. How much more if you will use personalized pens with unique inscriptions on it, you can definitely attract the attention of people around you as you write something or sign pertinent papers with them.

The increasing number of personalized pens produced each year is due to the varied demands of people, for some they purchase them for a personal gift while others as a marketing tool, keep in mind that the style and the material used in making it also varies. There are different types of materials that you can choose from, if you want something that is not prone to rust and stains then you can use stainless steel, other materials include wood, metal and plastic. The type of pen as well as the ink that you are going to use can also be personalized and match to your writing style. Another factor that you have to consider is your convenience in using it or perhaps the preference of the person you who will receive it.

What are the Types of Personalised Pens?

Some of the pens that you can choose from are as follows: the classic fountain pens, pens with varying ballpoint tips, or the roller ball pens. There is a difference between the ink used in ballpoint pens and roller ball pens, ballpoint pens have thicker ink that is usually oil-based while the roller ball pens is in liquid or gel form which makes the writing clearer. But of course if the ink use roller ball pens are in low quality, you can expect blotting at the back of the paper. It might also take some time before you can actually run your hand on it or fold the paper for it might produce some smudge, in other words let it dry first for a few seconds. Those are just some of the things that you have to keep in mind when using roller ball pens other than that you can be assured that everything will look nice and clear. If you want something that will last longer then it would be best to used ballpoint pens.

If you want something that is classy then you can go for classic fountain pens with either refillable cartridge or non reusable cartridges.

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