Beyond High School: Creating Research Reports in the Adult World

Papers don’t go away after high school. Even as an adult, your boss is likely to ask you to research a topic and provide a team with information. Whether creating an essay or preparing a presentation, it’s vital to understand how to put the information together correctly. To have accurate and reliable information formally, be sure to do the following four things.

1. Locate Multiple Credible Sources

Take your topic, and learn about it by gathering a wealth of information on the concept. For example, if your boss needs to know more about oil water separators North Carolina, you should locate several books or online resources discussing the device. 

This task is often the most tedious and time-consuming; however, it’s essential to ensuring that you have validity and credibility: both of which your boss wants to see. 

Check on the book’s date. Try to keep it within the last five to ten years. Online library searches allow for academic papers which are more reliable than a general blog. You can complete a general online search by trying to stick with .org, .gov, and .edu sources for the bulk of your information. These are typically more substantiated. Company reports of testing may also work well.

2. Organize the Ideas

Don’t plan to spit it all out. After the reading is complete, put together an overall gist statement (thesis) about what you’ve learned and if the concept could benefit the company. Outline the ideas to ensure the order is clear and progressive.

3. Find Visuals

Remember that people learn in various ways. Complement your presentation with a visual piece. Graphs, charts and videos work well.

Research is vital to many industries, assisting in purchasing the correct products or making necessary changes to policies. Your boss may ask you to do look into something. Your college and high school papers prepared you for it. Read reliable sources and organize the ideas in logical order