Chiropractor Greenville SC

Have you heard about chiropractic care? Have you tried it? There is so much good to be said about it that it almost sounds too good to be true.

Chiropractic does indeed come with a variety of benefits that conventional and alternative medicines do not. It doesn’t involve medicine or surgery but rather relies on bringing out the body’s natural healing properties.

Here is an overview of just a few conditions that a chiropractor Greenville SC can treat as well as recommendations to the best chiropractor in town.

  1. Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition among millions of Americans. It may result from a variety of causes including accidents, poor posture, and age related complications.

Chiropractors have several remedies for back pain depending on the primary cause. In some cases, all it takes is stretching and exercising – chiropractors design custom exercises suited for each individual depending on the nature of back pain. Other remedies include adjusting and decompressing the spine by applying pressure on the right points.

  1. Neck Pain

Neck pain is also a common condition. It is especially becoming rampant nowadays as more and more people spend hours on end bent over their phones and computers.

Neck pain is as easily treatable as back pain using several remedies. A chiropractor will apply pressure on neck muscles and adjust the spine to bring relief. He/she will also recommend stretching and exercises that will ease the tension in the neck. Finally, a chiropractor will offer lifestyle advice that will be aimed at preventing further neck pain and improving the body’s overall wellbeing.

  1. Sports and Auto Injuries

Injuries are common in sports, and they usually involve damages to the soft tissues, muscles, and tendons. To this end, chiropractors are especially common among athletes. Chiropractors help overcome sports injuries by performing massages and pressure application on injured tissues.

Chiropractic is also effective for mild injuries sustained in auto accidents. For instance, whiplash, a common condition in auto accidents that is characterized by pain in the neck, is easily treatable through chiropractic care with remedies ranging from massage therapy to spinal adjustment.

  1. Insomnia

Millions of Americans find it difficult to fall asleep at night, and this brings about a wide array of complications in their social and professional lives – insomnia is also bad for the health. Chiropractic has proven time and again that insomnia is easily treatable. Chiropractors cure insomnia by performing massage therapy to induce relaxation of the brain as well as the muscles, hence inducing sleep. They also offer lifestyle advice that involves creating a better internal and external environment for sleeping.

  1. Migraines

It takes more than just medicine to cure migraines – migraines are chronic conditions that should be addressed from their root causes. Chiropractors know this, and they endeavor to find root causes of this condition before commencing treatment. In general, a chiropractor will seek to relieve you of stress that may be causing migraines – in some cases, it is physical factors such as muscle pain that cause migraines. Remedies mostly revolve around massage therapy and lifestyle changes.


Chiropractic care is effective for these and many other conditions, and it doesn’t rely on medicine or surgery. Try it out if you are suffering from any of these conditions! You will find the best chiropractor Greenville SC at Mountain Movement Chiropractic & Natural Health.