The Importance of Keeping Ideal Body Weight

Ideal weight needs to be maintained for three reasons. First, in order not to cause various metabolic diseases. Second, do not trigger the incidence of existing diseases, and third, avoid premature death (premature death).

In addition to making the appearance so more interesting, maintaining weight can also make Mother more healthy you know. The healthy is not fat, but also not skinny, but ideal. Ideal weight can be calculated by the formula BMI (body mass index), ie weight (kilogram) divided by the rank of two height (meters). If the index ranges from 18.5 to 23, it is ideal. of course you must be good at choosing healthy products, to give maximum results please use Vita Energy products here are some things to note:

Risk factors trigger

Weight loss is one of the risk factors for a number of metabolic diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, excess blood fat. However, maintaining ideal body weight is not easy. Diet and lifestyle often trigger people to become obese. It also happens because it is difficult to brake the excessive appetite and menu choices are high in calories. Fried, fatty menus, and red meat are modern day menus that tend to be excess calories. So it does have a point if fat people bear more risk of disease greater than people who are not fat.
In medical language, the human age is determined by the circle of belt and the condition of the blood vessels of the body. Size of waistline normal men less than 90 centimeters and women less than 80 cm. Similarly, when the condition of blood vessels have rusted fat (plaque). Circumference of belts and body blood vessels that are in normal circumstances will increase the potential of a long-lived person. Most of the triggers of premature death are overweight issues.

Eat orderly scheduled

The most important solution to get the ideal weight is to arrange the menu and keep your daily food intake. People often severely limit the portion of the main food, but forget that any snack can provide excessive calories. Many people do not take into account the calories of fried foods, soft drinks, sweets, sugary tea, and all that is sweet, and the fat.
In addition to choosing a menu that is not high in calories, mealtimes need to be scheduled. Stomach that only works on certain hours should be noted. Unscheduled hunger due to mealtime anytime and any time, often confusing natural appetite. God has given the device that naturally regulates when the body needs food, and when it does not need it anymore. But most modern people have a chaotic appetite for having an irregular meal hour. There are a handful of people who eat despite not feeling hungry. As a result, the diet is disrupted. Portions of food that tends to exceed the needs is also not good, although the reason menu choices are all-favors.