Why The Firefly 2 is the Best Portable Vaporizer for Flavor Aficionados

Not everyone can squeeze this into their budget when shopping around for the best portable vaporizer they can find, but for those that can spare 300$ easily, this is just about the best choice when it comes to a perfect balance of design and performance. The Firefly 2 is just about the smallest vape you can find that actually works well, and its size does not compromise a thing. So here’s a few reasons to consider getting it if you can afford it.

  1. Flavor is not sacrificed in any way win this vape. It might be hard to believe but the heating chamber as well as the entire path to the mouthpiece is made of glass. That means the beautiful convection heated vapor’s flavor is untarnished by any other heated materials other than the very inert glass. The small size of the vape also means you’re getting fresh and potent vapor every hit.
  2. It heats up insanely fast. Who knows how they got such efficient technology crammed in this thing, but they did it. From the second you turn it on, it will heat up within five to ten seconds depending on the set temperature, and be ready for you to hit it. No other high quality vape has such a fast heat up time.
  3. There’s no room to spare for display screens and buttons on this cute little guy, so Firefly designed a splendid smartphone app to go with it. You can set the exact temperature you like for different strains and enjoy a highly personalized vaping experience.
  4. The size and look of it also lend themselves perfectly to stealth and discretion. Whether you need to medicate in a school setting, or at work, or during concerts and events, you can be pretty confident to pull it off unnoticed with this thing. Turn it on with the app on your phone while it’s in your pocket, then palm it sneakily and take a few hits. Rinse and repeat, and you can sesh almost anywhere. This is not advised, but I know some of you will do it anyways.

After reading all that, try and find me a more well rounded and versatile vape to call the best portable vaporizer. Don’t take my word for it, pick one up and try it out, you’ll have zero regrets.